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$5000.00 Firm

Califonia City Ca

It’s a 2006 KTM560 SMR converted to full dirt 6 speed. Factory 560 Big bore kit off the showroom floor; you can get every part from KTM itself OEM which makes it nice when getting replacement parts you don’t have to track down a one off parts for the bike.

The SMR has the lightest Flywheel available for Big bore KTM’s it means faster Rev’s and turns better more heavy the flywheels rev’s slower and don’t turn as well changing direction I know it sounds nut but it works in turns.

The 560 SMR motor has different center cases than the 450/520/525 to accept the factory 99mm big bore cylinder short stroke faster revving and higher revving motor, it has the best of everything low first gear for the slow sections and mega overdrive 6 gear for those times you just to go warp speeds runs.

This motor is the RFS still has the XR type valve train easy valve adjustments with a screwdriver and wrench You don’t need any special shims to do the valves 2006 they went to the 1 piece Ti Valves not the 2 piece welded ones that fail on you and break in half at the weld, It has the good Valve guides not like the 2005 and before that the valve stems would size up in.

The SMR has more Gussets on the frame it was made for those high Speeds of Supermoto less frame Flex.

#1. Sprockets OEM 14 Front, Stealth rear 52
#2. MXC suspension off a 2005 revealed, 1 heavier rate spring in front, Langston 2 rear spring in the rear.
#3. Sx type brakes front and rear.
#4. Ported Head.
#5. Sx CDI.
#6. FMF Q-4 Silencer.
#7. Rejected Carburetor.
#8. O-Ring and diaphragm mod.
#9. E-Starter with a 7 series high output battery 130 Cold Cranking Amps.
#10. Hour Meter.
#11. Renthal twin wall Black bars with orange Renthal bar pad.
#12. G-2 1/4 Aluminum throttle tube.
#13. Hand protectors.
#14. KTM Plastic 6 day ¼ turn skid plate.
#15. IMS oversize tank 3.2 gallon. Bike still has the Stock Graphics on it.
#16. Pretty much new tires, 21 inch in front 19 in the rear
#17. New Water Pump Seals.
#18. Engine Ice Coolant.
#19. RLR overflow Tank.
#20. Radiator fan.
#21. Iridium Spark Plug.
#22. Adjustable 18 to 20 mm Triple trees.
#23. Zip Ty lower Filter screen bolt.

No rips in the seat there’s some light scratches in the plastic form just normal wear and tear around the frame protectors front fork tube lower protectors lower skid plate front and rear fenders mostly from flying sand and dirt the bike never been down.

Very well Maintained of change oil every 10 hours change filters every 20 hours (use Anti Seize every time on bolts and drain plugs every oil Change.)

Battery put on a charger once a month to make sure it always fully charged.

Every Bolt always Tighten with a Torque Wrench per manual will give you a CD copy of the Factory service Manual, have all the booklets and KTM Bag with all the goodies.

Every pivot point Axles ect, was greased 10 hours ago Oil changes including Filters 2 hours ago, Bike washed after every ride NO POWER WASHER EVER always hand washed, garaged every day.

The motor has about 50 hours on it.

I have the stock gas tank 1.8 Gallon and silencer the stock 45 tooth rear sprocket the stock stator non 12volt output, Extra Pulser pick up extra Coil the stock SMR CDI.

I never crashed the bike never been down, never been raced mostly desert type riding Vet rider I been riding for over 30 years I don’t abuse my bikes.

It is a nice bike I rode it about 8 months now but I just like a 2-strokes better I grew up on them.

I have put a lot of money and time to make this bike right.
I am a aircraft Mechanic by trade worked for a while in a Motorcycle shop as a mechanic I do my mechanic stuff the right way no cutting corners this bike need nothing it ready to ride.
I don’t believe on riding junk I won’t sell someone junk either.


PM I get back with.
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