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November, 20. 2007

La Serena, Chile – RedBull KTM rider Kurt Caselli was the top finishing American in the 82nd 2007 FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE). The grueling event, sometimes referred to as the “Olympics” of Enduro motor sports, tests the endurance of both man and machine over a range of challenging terrains. This year’s event took the 498 riders from the desert coastal dunes of the Chilean coast and back into the mountainous regions inland.

Caselli, the newly crowned WORCS Champion, lead Day 1 of the Six Days Event and continued to stay in the front of the pack for the next five days. He mentioned before the event that the long desert sections of this year’s ISDE course would be a major advantage to himself and Team USA. He turned out to be correct as he ended day six (final day) as the top placing American finishing 2nd in the individual standings behind France’s Johnny Aubert. More impressive, he finished 1st in his E3 class aboard his KTM 300XC-We. “Kurt is a very versatile rider adapting easily to the different types of racing and also adjusting quickly to a new bike. Kurt had only rode the KTM 300XC-We once before flying to Chile for the ISDE,” stated RedBull KTM Team Manager Antti Kallonen.

Despite Caselli’s remarkable race, Team USA did not finish as well as they would have liked. Team USA had unfortunate luck and was only able to muster up an eighth place overall finish in spite of Caselli’s victories.

KTM was already proud of Caselli for his tremendous effort in earning the 2007 WORCS Series Championship but is even more thrilled to have him place so well in the ISDE event. “Kurt has proved that he is one of the top riders worldwide. He is a tremendous rider and KTM is proud to support Kurt in any race he may enter, congratulations Kurt,” remarked an excited Kallonen after the event. In addition to his WORCS Championship Caselli was a member of the gold medal winning ISDE Junior Trophy team in 2006. The top placing American ISDE award is a feat Caselli has earned multiple times in his career. He has also most recently been awarded the AMA Sportsman of the Year award. An award he is most deserving of in his best year of racing yet.

E3 Results:
1. Kurt Caselli, USA, KTM
2. Marko Tarkkala, USA, Finland, KTM,
3. Fabien Planet, France, KTM
4. Alessandro Botturi, Italy, Honda
5. Valtteri Salonen, Finland, Husaberg)

Source: Transworld Motocross
Link: Click


This sure is an enduring race. Its rough on both the rider, and the bike. I am sure glad to see KTM on the top of things :).
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