These are the highly desirable LAAM custom seats for your KTM Super Duke GT. They are both "heat available", meaning you can activate the heated seat function for your GT and use these for heating your bums in the upcoming colder months coming in the Northern Hemisphere.

LAAM is currently backed up over a year + waitlist.

They are extremely comfortable, especially if you are trying to find a solution for even the Powerparts Ergo seats. They are built on the original PP Ergo pans, using the same heating elements.

The only reason I am selling is because I have a 29" inseam, and these seats are a little higher than stock. For me it makes it uncomfortable at stops to be on my toes. I would not recommend these unless you have a 30" inseam or greater. I would not want you to have the same issue I have.

They are (near) perfect, but I'd like to point out this minor nit: The rider seat - it appears a cat climbed up onto the seat at one point as evident by the cat claw pattern pinhole punctures. I tried to zoom in so you can see them, but otherwise it is not noticeable.

You will need a switch to control the heat for the passenger seat, but that said, i've just ordered yesterday a powerparts Passenger Ergo heated seat, and it should come with a brand new switch. I will include this with your purchase.

Shipping included to anywhere in the Continental USA

Please contact me with all questions.