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Hey all,

I apologize if this has been asked but I did search.

I am looking for my first dirt bike and have my sights on a KTM SXF (either a 250 or 350). I am trying to find some resources on the model year changes to narrow down what I am looking for. Is there anything that detail the changes to these bikes through the years?

Is there a 'good year range' to get?


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Welcome to forum. We race 2 strokers, so here fwiw:
I am in middle of listing all KTM engines and the years they were sold. I have gotten about half way, so if you give me till after Xmas I think I will have it sorted. But I am not listing any frame changes. ( I am doing this so members can, when I have all completed, check a motor and know what bike it was for. But for that you will also need the VIN#.) However, if you buy a 2013 250sxf and the motor number starts with anything else than 771 you will know that the motor is not what that bike had.

Also, where this will help you is to try and figure out what motor had what changes made to it from the model before. But I have no listing of that stuff, so if you are interested to find out you will have to do some digging. But at least you will know what years a motor stayed the same when you start looking for a bike.

Here what I can tell you re the four strokes. (The 3 numbers I list are the three first ones on a motor casing.)
580 = 350 - 620cc, 90 - 95
590 = 250 - 450cc, 02 - 07
770 = 250cc, 05 - 11 xcf-w, sxf
771 = 250cc, 11 - 13 sxf, xcf
772 = 350cc, 11 - 12, sxf, xcf
777 = 250 - 350cc, 13 - 16, sxf, xcf, xcf-w, excf, six days in 16.
792 = 250 - 350cc, 15 - 19, Factory Edition, 16-19 sxf, xc, 17-19 exc-f, sxf, xcf,
793 = 250 - 350cc, 19 - 20, sxf, xcf

Some of these are twin cam. other single cam. And as the models changed so did also the motors. One of the main changes was that they changed from carbi to fuel-injection.
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