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I'm from France, i bought a 690 duke 5 previous week, first hand, 10 000kms. I'm very happy but ...

I'm looking for a complete remus hypercone exhaust, but impossible to found in new. Someone sell one ?

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Welcome to the forum.
I cant help you with your exhaust request, sorry.
Enjoy your new beast and good luck on your search.
Welcome. I don't want to be a discouragement but unfortunately that exhaust is discontinued. I had one on my '16 and literally blew it up. There are no rebuild parts for it either. I tried to contact all the Remus places I could find on the internet including their headquarters office in Austria and got nowhere. You may have a little better luck being in France. Remus is not a popular brand here in the US. The 690 Duke is getting largely unsupported in the aftermarket as well ever since the 790 and 890 was released.

This is the result:

I replaced it with an Arrow system:
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Thank you my friend, this is very interesting feedback.

yeah, unfortunately, you have right, i trying to contact the whole planet, but, this exhaust is discontinued since a long time.

So, impossible to found, even second-hand ... And you are also right about the fact that the 690 is no longer supported since the arrival of the 790/890 ...

Sad for us :( ....

Nice choice with the arrow line (y), i think it's one of the best too actually, and you duke is a like a ****ing race machine :eek::LOL::love:
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