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Hi guys,

I'm a middle aged rider, new to KTM and this site. I've found the site very helpful already. We just need more members!

Info about my riding background: Started on dirt at 13 with a Suzuki 185 dual sport, then onto the street at 16 with a Suzuki GS450S. Next bike was a 1984 Honda Nighthawk 700S (new). Had that bike for 3 years. Took about 15 years off of riding and then bought a used 2001 Honda VFR in 2002. Rode that bike for 5 years, sold it and bought a 2008 Duke 690.

I really like bike so far (except for the seat). Very easy to ride, light and flickable. The only mod I plan so far is to go to a 15T front sprocket. When Power Commander comes out with a model for the Duke I might spring for that if I hear that it helps smooth the FI.

Hope to get to know you guys better.:)
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