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Hoping for a little help, pls or understanding.
ktm 690 enduro r 2020 it’s had 2 major issues ( first was that clutch cylinder O ring, so far bike changes, exhaust end only. I’ve picked up a Bluetooth device to read bus (blue driver app) great tool as I can clear trouble to get bike runnning out of limp mode or idle map. I’ve inspected wiring from throttle down and did find cut jacket at head tube and inspected conductors, seems ok. I’ve unplugged connectors from throttle back to see if it’s a pour connection but looks clean and tight. Any thoughts on this would greatly be appreciated if similar issue out there. I’ll include pic of trouble reaccurring after bike warms up and possibly on 2nd or 3rd restart seems intermittent. Thanks

I’m assuming the permanant errors might clear after a run cycle, there Mostly from checking connectors

unfortunate side note: possibly spent more time troubleshooting then riding I’ve done a great trip to Yukon and baja is in a few months but dang this is going to be a pain in the butt for 3 weeks of resetting:) bikes at about 22k


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