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"I'll never ride in the rain again!"

That's what I said to myself as I ended my L.A. motorcycle messenger career. Sure, I did it for years, and even got pretty good at it, but that didn't mean that I was okay with it. It can be a miserable experience, in my opinion, not to mention the multiplication of danger to what many already consider an overly dangerous way to transport one's self.

I should have figured it wouldn't have been long before I was eating those words...

Here in SoCal the official rainy season is longer than most would expect, stretching from July to late spring of the following year. The reality, though, is that the best chance of rain is from about late October to roughly March, and the 2007/08 season seems right on schedule. Yep, right on schedule and just in time for press the introduction of Dunlop's newest tire dubbed the Roadsmart.

More: Preview: Dunlop Roadsmart Tire on Motorcycle.com
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