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So, based purely on threads in this forum, I understand that there is/was a recall for the 1290 SD (GT only?) side stand. My assumption is this was to address the little tang which tends to remove itself.

My question:
How did the recall address this?

My theory:
KTM replaced the entire side-stand assembly with a slightly beefier unit, which in turn, allowed them to use a larger thread (M8) on the tang.

Back story:
I bought my '16 GT last fall from a local KTM dealer. I was assured that all the recalls had been addressed, and the latest software was installed. A couple of weeks later I was out for a ride with friends, and when we stopped I discovered my tang was gone!

I assumed that since this was post-recall, there wasn't much I could do about it, and the replacement part was less than $20. Hardly worth the time and effort to fight the dealer over it. Fast forward to the first signs of spring, and I ordered a replacement. ("Step Plate Side Stand" #61303023120)

Went to install it tonight, only to discover I'm trying to fit an M8 part into an M6 hole! :mad:

Follow up questions:
Is my theory above accurate? Because, if so, I can't trust anything the selling dealer has told me about the bike. Fortunately, I have a couple of options in here in the Boston area for KTM dealers. Currently, I don't have an preference to any of them, and at the moment, a slight aversion to the selling dealer (they don't have the best reputation in general).

Thanks for getting this far.

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The sidestand tang on the first of the gen 1 GT's (2016) was a long thin thing which broke off easily under some big boots. The 2017 gen 1 which I bought in early Feb 2017 had the shorter side stand tang and LED rear indicators from new. No issues and no breakages and the only recalls were for minor issues like the brembo brake plunger piston and the 'o' ring on the fuel pump and to check the fuses were pushed in properly........ no major drama stuff.

(y) It does sound like your theory could be correct....... maybe my side stand was one of the stronger versions........ I never got to see a 16GT up close and personal though.

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Not a GT only problem. My SDR has broken twice. Never heard of any recall.
My first repair was to drill and tap a thread into the tang itself. Loctite in bolt, cut, clean up end and install.
Second failure I puchased that same M8 part and tapped a new larger thread into the sidestand. Seems to be mint and the M8 has certainly got to be more robust than that silly thin M6.
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