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Hi Folks,

Adding to this old thread in case it might help other. I have purchased in 2021 a 2015 RC8R with 4500 miles. Bike was in perfect condition, OEM tires, no sign of abuse whatsoever.
A few hundred miles in, I noticed coolant smell but was unable to find a leak and the water level in the reservoir seemed stable. Fast forward to a track day a month later, the leak was large enough to create a small pool of water under the bike. Mind you, it was in spring, the bike never went past 90'C.
It took a closer inspection to finally locate a tiny squirt coming from the upper left corner of the radiator. See video (RC8R Coolant Leak). I was unable to find a crack after removing the radiator as it seems the leak comes from between the fins.
Long story short, I ended looking for a new radiator and noticed that KTM has superseded the old Ref. 69035010100 with a new one: 69035010200. the new radiator is painted black and does not show the WP markings from the previous model. I guess KTM changed manufacturer.
When reinstalling the radiator, I was unable to get the upper left mount aligned with the bolt. The rubber grommet used for vibration dampening looked stretched. Digging into the matter further, I saw that a small plastic fender located immediately above the radiator, was pushing down on it. I trimmed the mounting tabs of said fender to give more clearance to the radiator and relieve the stress I saw on the grommet. I'll let you know how the fix and the new radiator work out.

Hope it helps somebody else.



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