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Hey Guys...
My rear turn signals stopped working out of the blue a couple days ago. Were working fine for the past 5.5 years I have owned the bike.
Front signals work fine. License plate light works fine.
Checked all fuses, all good.

Have aftermarket turn signals on, so I had to install some Honda relays for proper brightness.
Checked common power feed to both relays, fuse is good, wires don't seem to be broken. Connected a wire from battery to one relay directly instead of going through old feed (which as a fuse, which is also good). No difference. Tried other side. Same result.
When I turn on the signal, the relays no longer make a "click" noise, regardless of side.
Replaced the ground wires. No difference.
Connected the original wiring harness to the wires from the after market lights - should come on, but very dim, as for some Godforsaken reason KTM made the rear lights 8v and not 12v. Nope.

I have the service manual, but I'm useless at reading electrical diagrams.

So, I'm stumped.... any gurus out there able to give me an idea how to proceed?

Appreciate any help greatly.

It's CANBUS Communications Error P1691....
Any idea what that may be???

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there should be the white plug coming out of the tail that has indicators and tail light

FR i think

coming out of the plug because the in plug i has different colors.
Out to the tail light plug
purple and black are left & right signal in.
brown im pretty sure is common return
white is tail light in.

What i suggest is plug in the original indicators get it running again so you know the relay works.
Then replace one at a time with your aftermarket items , when the blinkers slow down ad a resistor to the line of the indictor you just replaced.
resistors are pre made and sell at different resistances. I just used the lowest resistance ones i bought from local auto hall.

For example i was able to run 2 of the lowest resistors only on each front indicator and the system speed up enough for me to be happy with it.
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