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Allright. Guess I owe the forum that I set the record straight. I am full of sh*t and reality proved it.


So I did a trackday the other day. There's a 95 dB sound limit, and a soundcheck at the last corner as you enter the main straight.

I managed just two laps in the first session when I got black flagged for a sound violation. 102 dB with the throttle at about 90% open. Just a linkpipe and stock muffler. The marshalls warn everyone to take it easy in that last corner because that's where people get busted. This, naturally, slipped my mind first time out.

Okay, so the second session kicks off. I'm gonna say it one more time.

Holy hell the Superduke is fun.

My favorite part - the Hugenholtz corner. This uphill lefthander is the start of a section of track that is, in my opinion :

The very best sequence of corners on Earth for a Superduke.



And that leads into this.


You have barely completed a sweeping uphill hairpin when the hill flattens out and the front wheel comes up in a beautifully natural wheelie. Shift to fifth. The front comes back down and you wrestle it into a fast right hander in order to set yourself up for an even faster left. It's bumpy, it's gnarly, and it makes you forget you won't have a ride home if you bin it. That itch you have, to throw the bike into a corner? That itch you can't scratch on public roads. It's going to get scratched here.

But it doesn't end yet. Just as you muscle that overpowered V-twin back to the right, it once again goes uphill into a blind peak before it descends back down into a steep, banked right that stretches on for ages. G-forces push your torso into the tank and the bike tries to take off without you.

It's a rollercoaster that goes up and down and left and right several times, and it is absolutely fantastic.

But all good things must come to an end. Third session kicks off and I get blackflagged again. Same thing, but this time it's game over. First trackday of the year and I managed a session and a half before getting banned. Noise limits suck.

And to top if all off...


Even in the up position, it still dragged and I didn't even notice it. Now I have two damaged shifter pegs. I should start collecting them.

Let it be known then, that the Superduke is one loud bastard, and will get you in trouble if you don't make sure beforehand. And if you're going to indulge yourself in some racetrack skullduggery, you might want to invest in rearsets.

At least the quickshifter didn't throw a fuss when it touched.

Still, beats the hell out of working on Monday.

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The track (Circuit Zandvoort) dates back to the thirties. It's been on the F1 calendar until 1985 but was taken off due to safety and environment concerns. In 2019 it was decided that the racetrack see some corner revisions for the return of F1 that was supposed to have taken place during the lockdown. I just did one of the very first motorcycle trackdays on the 'new' track. One of the two revisions saw the removal of a very low speed chicane in the middle of the right-left-right sweeper I outlined above, and the second revision added steep banking to the final corner. New asphalt had to be laid and the Michelins appreciated it.


Work on the track finished during the cold months of this year. Sign me up for a brand new racetrack anyday.
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