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Hi guys/gals

I recently purchased a 06 450 smr. I am new to the super moto world and would like your help. I bought this bike from a guy who had it sitting for a few months. So I need to know what is the basic check list i have to go through before riding the bike. I know i have to change out the oil. Do i have to flush the coolant? I opened up the rad cap and found some white crud on the inside. Any help on this would be helpful.

P.S. I heard that starting a KTM is a pita. What are the procedures i should follow. I have a kick start-no elec start. Plus do i put in regular gas. Coz i put in 91 octane and it did not want to start. I wonder if the compression on the smr is not high enough to run 91 oct gas. Thanks
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