I went through my shelves this weekend and came up with a bunch of items I no longer want / need and want to price things to go for my fellow forum members:

Inventory Below. Photos HERE - KTM Stuff For Sale - Google Drive

  1. 2016 Super Duke GT OEM Rider Seat - Nice condition, no rips. I did not take the time to really clean it well. If you want it perfect, this is not it but its nice. $50 plus shipping to you
  2. Scotts Steering Damper Mount Kit for Gen 1 (and can be for Gen 2) Super Duke R - Ok, this is an interesting story (or not): Bought a mount kit off eBay awhile back from someone in Australia (may be a member here lol). Everything was OEM but upon inspection it LOOKS like they hand made the mount for the pivot. See photos. Its totally functional and works...just looks a bit cobbled. Its hidden mostly so you wont really see it. I could not use it because I had a Gen 2. I called Rottweiler and they said they had a few mount kits left and that THEY ARE NO LONGER MAKING THEM. So, I got one from what they had left. After I installed my Scotts, I looked at how to make it work for a Gen 2 and it appears a spacer would be needed to lengthen where the pivot goes in, so im including. Everything else like the handle bar mounts, the link arm and puller tool, etc is all made for the Super Duke R. All you need to do is add a Scotts Damper. Even if it has the wrong arm, this kit includes the correct one. If you are handy and want a cheap way into a Scott's steering damper set up, this may be for you. $75 plus shipping to you
  3. Turnsignals - OEM Super Duke GT Rear - Free, plus shipping to you.
  4. Ohlins TTX Spring - 01092-69 / 170 L915 - Would be good for someone I believe around 180-200 lbs. Not sure tbh. Do your own homework. I just know it was too soft for me - $50 plus shipping to you
  5. Stock OEM Rotors - Off the GT but work for the R. Straight, just used. $75 plus shipping to you
  6. Sato Racing Reverse Shift Mechanism - works for R (Gen 1, Gen 2) and GT- Brand New, In Package - $50 plus shipping to you
  7. OEM Levers - Clutch is off the GT. Used but great shape. Brake is SOLD - $25 plus shipping to you.
  8. OEM size port 02 Block Off bungs - Free, plus shipping to you.
  9. OEM Bar Ends - Free, plus shipping to you.
  10. R&G Rear Axle Slider - fits both R and GT - $25 plus shipping to you.
  11. Fork Shrink - So this one is interesting. Made to slide over your forks, then heatstrink on. Easy way to refresh their look if they are all pitted, while also protecting them. At the end of the day, you could buy 50mm heatshrink tube on Amazon and it would do the same...without the logos tho. $25 plus shipping to you.
  12. OEM Velocity Stack - 61641040100 - Free, plus shipping to you.
  13. OEM WP Steering Damper - SOLD
  14. OEM Clutch Switch - 83111049000 - New In Package - $40 plus shipping to you
  15. Evotech Exhaust Hanger - Not sure if it fits Gen 1 or 2 Super Duke R, and there is the rub. No way that I can verify either..$20 plus shipping to you. If you buy it and it does not fit your bike...guess what!?!?!? You can sell for more!
  16. 40mm Bar Risers - $20 plus shipping to you
  17. OEM Super Duke GT Grab Bar - $20 plus shipping to you
  18. Battery Tender Jr - $20 plus shipping to you

If you want something and you are SURE you do, reply to this thread with what you want. I do not want PMs about stuff prior to you claiming what you want here. This way its fair to all as First-Come/First Served. I will only look at replies here first for things "in order received". If you buy multiple things, the price may get better lol.

I come on a few times a day so ill check here and reach out to you after. Thanks!