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After a week off the bike, and seeing myself pondering life a bit too deeply, I could see how I was starting to fight against the depression that was settling in when I left the Gold Coast. Just too much stuff that was going on, but the trip from QLD to Melbourne, as well as all the mini tours, helped me clear the black clouds away (somewhat).
To cheer me up P2 contacted me on Friday and asked if I was still bikeless and if I would like another pillion ride.... does fish live in water????? **** yeah! I didn't care where we went or what we did as long is it was being on a bike!

This time instead of going to the Easte of Melbs, P2 took me to the west side that I hardly seen. Again, I didn't really care where as long as I was on a bike and seeing new places.



Coming into wombat country....







The west side of Melbourne city is so incredibly different to the East / Gippsland areas. It's almost contracting.

At the end of the day I kind of worked out where we rode to, from all the photos I took. Melbourne to Melbourne

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Gotcha!! A sneaky photo of the photographer ;) He's camera shy....


Doing a little of offroad.


Happy Hens Chicken Farm. My Love of BIG things was enjoyed x3!!


Don't mind me. I'm only slightly trespassing a little smidgen. But it's for a good cause..... it's my own happiness! ;)


We're going over to that top lookout.




And there too, the Brisbane Ranges National Park


Interesting letter box set up....


Coming into Melbourne after an amazing day as a pillion, new places and boy, did this ride help out in my mental health!

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Finally some good news! After many phone calls with the insurer, I worked out that due to the age of the Lawnmower and when it was bought, they decided to instead of pay me out; replace the Lawnmower completely! :D:D:D

I only had this bike for a year since purchase and I had clocked up 30,000kms on it already. So this would have been a great win :D Back to zero kms, with full insurance, and now I was also able to do a little bit extra on it - this time install heated grips and put on it a proper a GPS holder. These were going to be the upgrades to it.

As soon as the dealership opened I found the new beasite on the showroom floor, and tagged it.

The issue I had is how I was going to be able to register it.... being stateless and not being a permanent resident of Vic, I wasn't just able to purchase it outright. I wasn't too sure on the rules but in the and after much faffing about, I was able to post my licence to Qld, get my parents to go into the transport department, purchase a new Qld plate and courier me everything back down to Vic to register the new Lawnmower 2.0.

It was going to take a week or so to get all the parts and accessories ordered and fitted... But I was very nervous and fidgetty every day while waiting.



What is going to be a new, long and beautiful relationship..... the new Lawnmower 2.0

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It seems like this hitting the skippy event was the event that now has pulled the plug for everything else to happen.

While waiting for the parts to arrive, the insurance to finalise, waiting for the number plate and my licence to arrive, is when after almost 3 months, I got the word from the Australian embassy:
That I now have (At least) the Australian citizenship back! This was all cause for celebration!! Rejoice rejoice!

This was huge since it means that I will not need to be deported, I will not have to give up owning a mortgage, I will be able to work legally and will be able to travel overseas if I need to! It was just such a HUGE load off my shoulders! When I heard the news I literally cried. I cried happy tears, and relief tears. Angry tears for the clerk who mucked up my paperwork to begin with so many years ago, and the mistake was not picked up to almost 30 years later when I went to renew my Spanish citizenship.... only to start this chain reaction and thus becoming stateless.... It was too crazy too complex to explain. But at least now I had a country that I can stay in legally, even if it isn't my home country :)

I was ecstatic, thrilled, happy, elated. I was feeling exactly like when mum buys a huge tub of Nutella ;)

I literally was going to pack up and leave the very next day, homeward bound to my house in the Gold Coast. However as it happens in many cases; when you've been go go go, non stop and in highly stressful situations that become chronic.... when you finally come through the other end, the body is tired and completely worn out. I hadn't reaslied how run down and stressed I was until I had this weight lifted off. And it was here that I came down with the biggest cold / flu I have had in memory. To the point where I think it got to pneumonia stage. In the end it took me just over 3 weeks to be able to feel strong enough to go pick up the Lawnmower and pack my things.

The day I went to pick up the Lawnmower, was another incredible day. Couldn't wipe the smile off my dial!!



And there he was: Just so handsome. Becoming me on. And ride into the sunset I did! Well.... for that afternoon anyhow.



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To be able to ride back home, I would first need to bed the engine in and put it through it's paces, before I left for my trip back to the Gold Coast.
Since it was Wednesday, I needed to ride 1000kms on the Thursday to then drop it off at the dealership on the Friday. So they could then do the 1000km service and get it ready for the trip.
Big ask, but hey, I was up for the task!!

Since I hadn't actually been able to ride with P2 (he was always pillioning me) and knowing that he was used to riding big long km days, I called him up and told him of my plans... was he also up for doing 1000kms in a day?? ;) As it was, he was!!



The Oottways and national park - wet and mysterious while heading towards the Great Ocean Road for one last ride.


The Oottways is certainly an impressive rainforest, wet and misty, but the sheer size of the trees there was breathtaking. Almost un-believable. Not to mention an old old forest.



P2 was curious and he was left giggling like a school girl when he took the Lawnmower for a pootle. He was actually surprised with the little engine that could, and assured me that it would take me far far away... :)


The sheer size difference between bikes was simply comical.


Mutual photographers taking photos of each other....


Epic ride.


In hindsight; I should have applied to do the iron butt trophy on this day!!
Certainly needed to re-draw my bum crack that day!

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As a surprise, P2 gave me these 2 pictures for my memories of this Melbourne trip.:love:



There was still many kms and adventures still before me...

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The next day I took the Lawnmower to the dealership having booked the 1000km service. When I dropped him off, the mechanics said that he'd never had experienced before someone taking a new bike out the door one arvo and literally under 48 hours bringing it back for a service! lol
I waited till the work was done, and took the Lawnmower to my diggs, where I would pack everything. Literally I have now been living about 4 months from these 3 bags only. 6 months ago if you were to tell me I would be doing this, I would have scoffed and thought you're a bit looney.... but now. now it feels like home.


Yesterday I arranged it with P1 to go on one last ride together before setting off back north. As a special send off, he told me that he'd take me to a lesser know 'mountain' (more like a hill) that got him some frequently top notch shots. However to get there, we would need to get up at 2am to ride there, set up and wait for the sunrise.
I was pretty hesitant since not just having to get up so damn early and then brave the skippies on the road, but also the cold. THE COLD!! Brrrrrrrrrrrr. Friggin hell! Not even the newly installed heated hand grips and hot water bottle was doing the trick! 😰



Getting up in the morning from the airbnb and seeing the host's car covered in ice. Brrrrrr And now having to ride 2 hours into the cold night to get to the meeting point with P2.

However. This was one of the mornings that I will never forget in my life. It was one of the most magical mornings I've ever experienced and well worth getting up at sparrow fart to see and feel it.
Now having achieved some level of autonomy, and gotten some of my legal paperwork done; my life literally was laid out in front of me. Choose your own adventure. You get to pick your next move. It was such a humbling experience really that I can't put into words.

This was the day, that I found 'me'. I found my confidence, and I found my worth.




And as cliche as it was; when we turned the corner where we were taking photos I started to cry when I saw the sign of this mountain we were on. Because, wouldn't you know it:

This sign WAS a SIGN. So aptly named.




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Holy cow Valvoline....... you've been everywhere!

That water bottle might be the new safety 'airbag' for cold weather touring! :LOL:

Did you know that you can do 'solo' registration in QLD....... it saves a lot of $ and you don't have to butcher the bike - just don't ever carry a passenger........

Hope your flu wasn't a dose of covid 19...... but you seem to have survived it (and the wobbly-roo incident) so you are a true adventurer in every respect!

I'm waiting to read how you got through the closed borders..... a balloon ride with the lawnmower slung underneath perhaps?.... :LOL:...... assuming you are back in sunny QLD ....... or not........ anyway, keep up the great story and pics........ it's truly an epic adventure, and more!


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Holy cow Valvoline....... you've been everywhere!

That water bottle might be the new safety 'airbag' for cold weather touring! :LOL:

Did you know that you can do 'solo' registration in QLD....... it saves a lot of $ and you don't have to butcher the bike - just don't ever carry a passenger........

Hope your flu wasn't a dose of covid 19...... but you seem to have survived it (and the wobbly-roo incident) so you are a true adventurer in every respect!

I'm waiting to read how you got through the closed borders..... a balloon ride with the lawnmower slung underneath perhaps?.... :LOL:...... assuming you are back in sunny QLD ....... or not........ anyway, keep up the great story and pics........ it's truly an epic adventure, and more!

Lol Australia is a BIG place and I def haven't been everywhere! There is still sooooooooooo much more where to go! Yes, the Lawnmower is single seat rego, which saves money. I will only ever take bags on it since I can't really pillion anyone. I don't know if the poor bike will be able to carry 2 people??

Yes it was 'just a cold/flu' and not covid, this happened before the COvid saga was way before on the radar so I didn't have probs going across borders. I'm so glad though I haven't been caught in all that. :)

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We waited till the sun came out and set off further east towards Walhalla, where there was another nook & cranny that P1 knew about that was well worth visiting.


Getting silly photos after a good photography session seeing the sun come up. Even thought the sun was coming up, it wasn't getting any warmer.


Setting off towards Walhalla and Thomson dam / river scheme.


Thompson dam. Having a little bit of fun on this road, empty, smooth, and you can see for ages.


After seeing the dam, we set off to Walhalla - an old gold rush town deep in the valley of the mountains, where the sun hardly touches it. It was absolutely frozen when we got there and you had to be careful riding around the tight corners due to the black ice and water patches on the road. Couldn't go too skitzo on the corners. The scenery into the township was amazing since all the trees were changing from the Autumn colours to the Winter stripped out ones. All colours to be seen. And white - ice !




Crunchy grass!


Seeing the morning frost and ice coverings slowly melt into the air once the sun started touching the lower valleys.



It was in this town that I said my goodbyes to P1. It was hard acutally. In such a short amount of time, I feel like I had grown so much closer to him than some people that I've spent a few years with. If there's one thing that I have found when travelling for an extended time - which I think is an improvement - is that you take people at straight, face value.

Since you know you don't know how long you have in one place. You don't know what or where you'll be next. Time takes on a new kind of meaning. You definitely treasure way more human company, you pay more attention to the person, rather than what they're wearing, make judgements about what's right or wrong, what is appropriate in what situations, and just let them be them, and you be you. I only had 3-4 changes of clothes with me, so it's always practical things and 'dressing up' or getting 'prettied up' to go out for a dinner, or the movies or into the city, just isn't an option.

So same goes for interacting with people. Why would I judge them for what I think they may be like or have done in the past? We're here now. I'm enjoying the time I have now with them, tell stories, listed and make notes on riding. That's it. Just that simple.

SO saying goodbye to this very introvert, shy photographer was done so with a lump in my throat, and I may have shed a tear or two a few kms down the road when we waved goodbye.
But the trip kept on going, and I had to keep riding East. To be able to make my night's destination - a random caravan park close to Lakes Entrance that held a nice surprise....

This was today's ride: Pakenham to Lakes Caravilla Caravan Park

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This was the ride for the day:


I came to the Lakes Caravilla Caravan Park to find my KTM soulmate! :D :D :D


It was hilarious! Even the caravan park owner came out and had a giggle with me. They took pictures to put on their wall inside the caravan info board :)


That night since there were hardly anyone in the caravan park, and a cold snap of -2 was expected overnight, they let me wheel the Lawnmower into the games room for the night.
It came in handy so I was able to pack the lawnmower and leave some stuff on it for the next morning I was going to get up fairly early to see the sunrise. They tell me the morning colours in Lakes Entrance lookout were legendary.



Once I charged the hot water bottle and layered up with every layer I could zip up my jacket, I set off. Well worth getting up and sneaking out early. I had the whole bay to myself.
Today would be mostly about following the coastal bay road until I got to Orbost and then to Cann River to ride one of Australia's well known motorcyclist's road - the Bonang Highway. Why?


Because this! 105kms of sheer, curvy pleasures!!! A whole 105kms of it! Every self respecting biker needs to take a photo in this exact spot, before changing their underwear. This road is what they tell me the equivalent to the (Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap – Motorcycle and sport car tourism serving Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, Cherohala Skyway, Moonshiner28, Devils Triangle, Diamondback, Blue Ridge Parkway, and more.) "Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap with 318 curves in 11 miles: America’s number one motorcycle road.".... well I have no idea how many corners there will be in 105km, but I'm sure this is going to beat it! :D :D

At Cann River, it was so cold that morning that I walked into the only town's open coffee shop and asked for them to boil a kettle for me. Not buying anything, just boiling water. I told the attendant that I would pay the equivalent of a large coffee for it. The lady behind the counter looked at me quizzically, but cracked up laughing when I pulled out the hot water bottle and told her what it was for. She was so thrilled that she gave me the boiled kettle for free and packed me a vanilla slice too. Loved her for it later that arvo at smoko! :)


This was the start of the twisties. It started nice and gentle and they got tighter and tighter and tighter and more and more and more of them! Some sections within the valley I had to be careful because of 2 reasons - there were deer that jumped in front of you (I had flash backs of skippy incident!) and also in corners in the shadows everything else was still frozen and somewhat slippery.


Frozen batters and road shoulders.


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The only thing on the Bonang that puts off many riders is that on the northern side of it closest to the Victoria - New South Wales border, there are 2 dirt sections that total 20kms. But as I found out, it had been graded and it was in very good condition.


When I got off the Lawnmower to take a photo of this sign, a 4WD came and stopped next to me to ask if I was ok or needed assistance. It was a middle aged couple, who looked fairly well off. I thanked them profusely for their offer and told them I was ok and just getting photos. The guy said that he missed riding his bikes that he has in his garage and congratulated me for riding this little naked bike around. With smiles and waves they left.


Goodbye grey & drizzly Victoria....


And hello NSW!!!



I don't know if it was me or not, but I swear that as soon as you crossed into NSW, the weather immediately got so so soooooooooooooo much better and I was able to start seeing blue skies!


A road that seems to go on for ever and ever with pine plantations near the Bondi Gulf.


I decided to take a rest stop, comfort stop, fuel stop, and food stop at the beautiful park in Bombala next to the Gregory River.... while i was looking at my maps to see where I would go next towards the NSW coast, I head a familiar voice saying "Hello". I looked up and it was the same couple that had stopped to see if I was ok along the Bonang! What a lovely coincidence :)
I wasn't in a huge hurry so I stayed to chat with them. Apparently when they were younger they did a lot of motorbike touring, and the husband still had 2 BMWs in his garage, but over time had stopped riding them. However as we chatted he seemed to get more and more of a twinkle in his eye, reminiscing about some of his trips. Before we parted ways, they gave me their contact details and address and told me that if I ever rode past Bowral (I didn't have a clue where in NSW that was at the time), to call in and they'll put me up for the night or two. I thanked them kindly and set off to the NSW eastern coast.


The forests through Mount Darragh were amazingly tall, just as good as the twisties were #love


Speaking of love... at a photo stop I was watching the sunlight play in the trees when I spotted a pair of Galah's preening each other. It was cute to see and it's times like this that I wish I had a partner. It would be nice to be able to kiss someone and get a cuddle. But alas, not to be for me.

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The ride from Mount Darrah toward the coast starts to get more open pasture rolling hills and gentler curves.


Then it's all downhill from the mountain ranges towards the beach.


The entrance to the little sleepier beachside town of Tathra. This is where you could really smell the sea salt. Haven't smelt that for a long time.


The main beach. Since there was time still of daylight I decided to check into the Airbnb earlier so I could wash the Lawnmower and also give it some TLC to the chain. Especially after today's ride with a bit of dirt, mud and also I have given the poor Lawnmower a good thrashing riding through Mt Darrah area. Tee hee hee, it was amazing since the curves seemed to be all downhill, so it was easier to go faster without the little engine working too hard. ;)




The lovely view from the Airbnb veranda. Cheese & biscuits overlooking the sunset. The incredible thing is that the lady that owned the Airbnb saw that I was a very big biker enthusiast and told me about a small presentation that was going to occur in the RSL/community hall that same night about a couple that had gone around Australia on 2 bikes towing a bike trailer! wow!
With that, I wasn't going to say no to a free event that was bike related :D It was a powerpoint presentation with plenty of photos and tips on how to tour and travel.


By the end of the night I was almost falling asleep due to exhaustion so I decided to stay an extra day to recover in this lovely seaside town.


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Next day, I gave in to the luxury of waking up later, staying in bed, and strapping on my 'walking' clothes for a walk around town. I stopped by one of their info centres and picked up some info on what they said was the world's only museum to cetaceans in tribute to a pod of orcas that worked alongside the fishermen to heard catches into the bay - for whaling. The fishermen would slaughter the whales and as a reward for the orcas/killer whales helping them, they would reward them with cuts of meat. This was in Eden, an even smaller town southwards, so again I took the Lawnmower and made a day of it. Eden Killer Whale Museum - Eden NSW Sapphire Coast

This museum is so incredible and well worth it. The stories that the local fishermen had and the ties of history to the town are pretty unique. Well worth coming in to see and support the locals. THey have broken guiness world records, have documentation of the orcas that helped and much more.





Walking around town I found the BIG UGG boot!



A shorty at Short Point.

After much walking and doing the museum at Eden, Back north to visit Bega. Where the Bega cheese is made :)


Where free cheese tasting is the must, as well as the curiosity museum that they have on the top floor of the Bega Cheese Heritage Centre.

The day's ride: Tathra to Tathra

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:D....... hey, no kissing or canoodling during covid restrictions :(......... :ROFLMAO:........... keeping 1.5m away or wearing a mask kinda makes funky business in 2020 difficult eh? ;)...... imagine going on a date wearing full PPE :ROFLMAO:.

Luckily covid rules don't apply to those feathered "Galah's"..... we of the never never / down-under, also use the term for people who are behaving hilariously. Once you see the antics of some of the bird Galah's when they are drunk on nectar you'll understand the link to human "Galah's".

Don't forget the Apple Isle (Tasmania) is just a boat ride away over Bass Straight - though it's borders are rightly closed to us germy mainlanders, for the time being........ roll on vaccine, there's traveling to be done :D.

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I was planning to head past Sydney and wanted some local knowledge info on bike shops, so I posted it up on a biker forum, with my intention to miss Sydney city if possible and stay on the surrounds. From this, I received a message saying that there was a good mechanic's shop (KTM) in Wooloongong and that if I went past there, I was most welcome to have free accommodation with this person. I kindly thanked him and told him I'd be in touch. But before that something deep inside me told me to make contact with the middle aged couple that I bumped into a few days ago as I was crossing the border from Victoria to NSW. I asked if the offer was still available to stay with them, and they immediately said yes! So that was sorted. Next day would be Tathra to Bowral :)

Next morning after a rest day it was time to move on from Tathra and keep heading northwards catching as many of the coastal roads as possible. As per the norm to squeeze as much as possible out of a day, I set off early. Wouldn't you know it, the weather seemed to be getting colder and colder even though I was making my way northwards. Left with -1C brrrrrrrr.


Left with crisp, frosty but clear conditions. Intermittent valleys of low fog and some icy road patches. The most prominent however were the short sections of road works, of clean up crews due to the massive storm system that hit the east coast about a week ago. Fencing was down, trees were down and you could see a distinctive brown line of where flood levels had been.


From Tathra to Batemans Bay is what I would call a sedate amble for a bike ride. It's pretty due to the water crossings, lakes and bridges, however not enough meaty twisties to really sink your groove on. Photo opportunities against mirror-like waters were not lacking in this area.


First stop was Bodalla. Yet another chance to get me to pose in front of a BIG thing

... But alas, Bodalla's big cheese wheel was so (unfortunately) dilapidated that it doesn't feel right to advertise a city by that standard

So instead; is the Bodalla cheese factory - which of course, was much savour end through the free cheese tastings (and by God, their milkshakes are the bomb!) lol



Found this isor in the middle of nowhere, next to a general store / petrol station, but was for a good cause, so took the opportunity to dump all my shrapnel to it.


Next was Batemans bay, which was a chance for a rest, feed and dry riding kit off in the sun after going through so much fog and almost drizzle like conditions! First proper sun I've seen for what seems to be a millennia!! Was getting to about 19 degrees. I didn't want to put the gear back on and keep going. Basking like a lizard in the warmth seemed like a very nice idea. But alas, if I was to make it to my destination I needed to press on.


I had heard about a medieval looking bridge somewhere close to a Kangaroo Pass (which in itself sounded pretty good too with plenty of twisties), so I took this in just south of Wooloongong. I took this deviation and immediately after I could start to see the mountains start to pop up.


:D This is going to be fun, I can tell!

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Tathra to Bowral The day's ride.




And. Oh. My. The Robertson Potato. Did. NOT. Disappoint!!!

This giant kangaroo suppository has now jumped to no.1 (or is that no.2?!) position on my fave list of BIG things. Or a close tie with the Dadswell, VIC Giant Koala.... Just brilliant and it seriously needs to be shown off more as a tourist attraction.


Here's the backside angle.

The afternoon started to chill again quickly, as the sun was going on an angle and started to get ready to go to bed. I was very close to my destination, so I phoned ahead and set off for the night's accomodation. Here the couple welcomed me with open arms and gave me a tour of their lovely house. I recognised their 4WD car, and we spent a long time in their garage talking about the vehicle hobbies and of course biking. :)



My host family for the night.


While we waited for dinner, conversation flowed easily around a nice fire in the back yard. They asked me where to next and what my plans were. From Bowra I was to go to Wooloongong to meet someone from a bike forum that was kind enough to offer me accommodation while I looked at some bike shops and took the Lawnmower to get checked out due to a battery (potential issue). I can't remember exactly how it came about but they said I was brave to stay in a stranger's place and I explained some of the circumstances as to how I travel and accept or not accommodation from strangers. While talking I got a phone call and I excused myself to chat. I needed to take the phone call since it was said person calling me to tell me where he was going to leave his apartment keys for me to pick up tomorrow while he went to work. He asked where i was staying and I told him where. He then said that maybe he would just drop the keys off to that address since he was actually having to drive over a delivery on that town... but when I read to him the address, he then told me the name of both my hosts - what the/???? HOW does he know them???

He explained that not long ago they built the house they were currently in and him and his mate had to go in and install all the windows and frames for their house! He knew them!! Hilarious turn of events! Talk about coincidences and what a small world - maybe this is why my gut feeling told me that i HAD to go spend a night with this couple.
They overheard my surprised reaction and the phone and quizzed me. In the end we were all on speakerphone having a good old chat, and them a catch up.


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This next morning I was able to sleep in a little and left Bowral at a much more decent hour. With such a coincidence of my host family knowing and highly recommending this young man as a person, I wasn't worried then in staying with them the next night. If I didn't know any better they were trying to set me up with him, since they worked out we were of a similar age, both nuts about biking and as far as they knew, he was an employed hard worker..... and still single. lol Plans were made from where to pick up the apartment keys, use the washing machine and dryer, visit the bike shops, but also tomorrow's night's host did one better. He called one of his riding mates to come with me and show me round some of the back parts of Sydney. In particular the reservoirs and rivers.


This is round about some of the dam locations: Bowral to Wollongong


Getting to the meeting petrol station became and adventure itself, since somewhere on a pothole highway, made my back seat come off (I was riding bagless for once) & the next-to-useless KTM toolkit decided to skiddadle over the highway behind me. The result was me riding with one hand behind me holding the pillion seat down & pulling the throttle, wondering how the **** I was going to change gears this way....


Needless to say I proceeded to make my way to the closest freeway exit for some inspections....


Meeting a new friend :) at the Burragorang Dam.




Moving onto Avon Dam.



From some of the roads in the Sydney hinterland there were still very fresh reminders of the massive rain systems that had been hanging about the last month, that caused flash flooding in many parts of the South East coast, right from Tathra, all the way up to Sydney and north.


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Road conditions were pretty wet but also, as we discovered, were large areas littered with last week's flash flooding devastation. Skid marks & mud patches were the norm, as well as ripped out road signs and downed trees. With the setting sun, we said our goodbyes & it was homeward bound to the apartment to meet my new host....A nice day all round even though it was short, but now I had clean clothes again!.

Finally was able to meet my new host after work time once he came home from work. We had nice take out and chatted about the whole trip I've been having and we swapped riding stories. Want instant friendship? Just as motorbikes!


My new friend's silver lady...

After much conversation my new host extended the welcome for me to stay several day here while I explored the surrounds and also to wait for the weekend, where he would be able to have some time off and come riding with me too! Showing me the local hand outs for bikers. With more severe weather heading over to slam the coast, I decided this wasn't a bad idea.

And so the playing in the hills with a local began.









The weather wasn't particularly welcome, but we braved it out anyhow to have some skidding fun on corners. This way there would be less people on the road anyhow ;)
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