I have here an assortment of new parts that I retained when I traded in my 2018 390 on a Super Duke. All of them were bought from Holeshot Motorsports (a local dealer), and all come with original invoices.

Here is what is on the menu:

1. Fuel Filter (KTM P/N 93807018000): $10.00
2. Oil filter (KTM P/N 90138015000): $10.00
3. 2 x KTM TOP SPEED 4T 15W50 Engine Oil: $45.00
4. Screws for rotors and bodywork (KTM P/Ns 90110062000 x 2, J031050161 x 4): $14.00
5. Drivetrain kit (drive sprocket, chain, rear wheel sprocket - KTM P/N 00050002059): $200.00

They're all brand new, with invoices, and priced substantially below what you would pay from a dealer. Everything for $250.00, and you can have the factory service manual too.

Obviously local pickup probably makes more sense, but I'll ship to anyone at my cost.