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There is some magnificent riding in the Victorian High Country in south east Australia.

This video was shot in March and it was very hot. It was a cross country trip where we intended to travel from Jyndabyne to Omeo via the Snowy River and Cobberas Trail. It was meant to be a day trip. Unfortunately we grossly under estimated the difficulty of the ride. Got to tell you Australia is very unforgiving to the ill prepared. You stuff up in places such as these and rescue can be a couple of days away.

The clutch on Ian's KTM990 Adventure blew up on a gnarly, rock infested hill, where traction was difficult.

We ended up spending the night on Cobberas Trail in a designated wilderness area wondering if wild dogs would give us a nibble.

There is spectacular footage of our opposition, a BMW1200 GS free falling down a hill after the rider, who was new to beemers (normally ride a Ktoomer520EXC), forgot to switch off the ABS.

John, the older guy in the video riding the XR650, had recently recovered from a heart bypass operation and was very much the worse for wear.

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